Posted by Nasir Azam

Fill A Purse / Rotary - Toast Master collaboration 

This evening, we had two special events at our club's Rotary meeting.  Firstly, our club was very pleased to offer $1,500 donation to the Fill A Purse A Sister Campaign.  Angel Freedman attended in person and described the impact of our contribution.  This donation was "in addition to" the 106 purses that we had donated two weeks ago.  The Fill A Purse A Sister is a wonderful organization!

Mark Blackmore from the Rotary Club of G.O.A.L.S. and Peter Hernandez from the Rotary Club of Oshawa gave us a dynamic presentation to us today.  But not only are Mark and Peter Rotarians, they are also long-time members of Toastmasters.  They were assisted by Paul Bates and other Toastmasters too.  Toastmasters really can help us to grow as better speakers, leaders, and people.  They described a new partnership that Rotary and Toastmasters are forming to help benefit each our organizations.   Thank you so much Mark and Peter!