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Our mailing address is: 10620 Yonge St., PO Box 30568, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0C7

We meet every Monday (except holidays) from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  Fellowship begins at 6PM and the meeting starts at 6:30.
Location:  Sheraton Parkway Hotel,  600 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill, just west of Highway 404. 


Below is a list of Club activities and positions/committees with a brief description of each.

Local community events:

Taste of the Hill

Chamber of Commerce BBQ – work in a booth space talking about Rotary.  Gives visibility to our club.  Has potential to attract new members

Foundation Walk – A Sunday morning walk in a local community, with a great BBQ lunch. Raises funds for Rotary International Foundation – Polio Plus. 

Beer Tasting Festival – Up to 12 breweries and 4 restaurants participating in an evening of taste for all” at the Centre for the Performing Arts

District Conference – 2+-day event in late October to learn about Rotary at the District level.  Lots of great speakers, breakout session’s fun and entertainment.  A great opportunity to meet other Rotarians in District7070.

Santa Claus parade – walk in the parade – last Sunday of November

TV Auction – The Club’s signature event.  A 2-day live auction on Rogers TV.  Requires collection of items with a retail value of $100 or more.  Many different committees available to participate.

Xmas ham sales – 2kg hams from Maple Leaf foods available for sale in late Nov / early Dec.  Hams are $26 and come in a decorative box.  We usually sell 150 – 200.

XMAS Party  - Usually the last Monday before Christmas

Membership night – A regular club meeting night where prospective members are invited to hear how Rotary Richmond Hill works, what the avenues of service are about and the many opportunities that Rotary provides for service.

Progressive dinner – an evening with different club members at every stop.  You start with an appetizer at one Rotarian’s home with 2 other couples.  You then travel to a second Rotarian home for the main meal and meet 2 NEW couples.  The third stop is for desert with 2 NEW couples again.  The idea is that you never see the same people at any one location UNTIL the wrap up party that everyone attends!  It’s a great evening.  You can host one of the meals.

Oak Ridges Moraine Tree Planting – planting is in early spring.

Rotary Leadership Institute – 3 levels of interactive seminars learning about Rotary leadership conducted by District 7070

Camp Enterprise – A four-day business camp for senior high school students.  Richmond Hill sends 5-6 students each spring and also conducts a 3 hour labor/business bargaining negotiation game. 

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – A four-day youth camp for post high school students @ Loyalist College

Vocational Scholarships at our local high schools

We choose 7 different schools in our community every year.



Below is a list of Club positions/committees with a brief description of each.


 ·      Overall responsibility for the operation of the CLUB. 

·      Recruits/Selects members to hold the various positions in the CLUB

·      Plans the year well before taking office

·      Oversees the CLUB activities to ensure they are well attended and include the Rotary spirit of fellowship and service

·      With assistance from POD leaders, run the weekly meeting

President Elect

·      Prepare for your year as President

·      Support current president as much as possible

·      Decide what your vision will be in alignment with the Club strategy

·      Align goals with the Rotary International and District objectives

·      Determine candidates for all club roles


As club secretary you help your club run smoothly and effectively. You also monitor club trends to help identify strengths and areas for improvement, and share this information with club and district leaders.

•   Prepare and submit semiannual report: Rotary International emails the report packet, which contains a membership list and a dues invoice, to your club in early July and early January. Work with your president and treasurer to prepare and submit the report. In addition to the emailed version, RI sends the report packet by mail.

•   Maintain membership record.

•   Record attendance at meetings and report monthly attendance figures to the district governor

•   Maintain minutes of club, board, and committee meetings

•   Work with incoming secretary to ensure smooth transition

•   Arrange insurance for Club events

•   Co-ordinate name tag, banners, supply purchases


·      Your responsibilities as club treasurer include:

·      Managing funds

·      Collecting and submitting dues and fees

·      Reporting on the state of your club’s finances

·      Working with The Rotary Foundation

·      Developing a budget

Past President

 ·      Assist president with duties

·      Provide Board with guidance and advice1

Club Directors (5):

Club Service

·      District Conference

·      Xmas Hams sales

·      Bulletin Editor(s)

·      Attendance

·      Xmas Party


·      Develop committee goals to achieve club service project goals for the coming year.

·      Conduct service projects that include needs assessments, planning and evaluation.

·      Identify opportunities for signature projects that will increase yourclub’s recognition in the community.

·      Work with other organizations, volunteers, and committee members to maximize the impact of your projects.

·      Lead efforts to raise funds for projects.

·      Understand liability issues that affect your club projects and activities.

·      Work with the club public relations committee to promote service projects.

·      Reach out to clubs locally and internationally for partnership, fellowship, service, and volunteer activities.

Update and maintained Rotary Web site

Community Service

·      TV Auction

·      Santa Claus Parade

·      Taste of the Hill

·      Chamber of Commerce

·      Projects in support of the Community·     

·      Other Community Events


·      High School awards

·      Camp Enterprise

·      RYLA

·      Vocational Training Teams (VTT)

New Generations (Youth)

·      Interact Club

·      Rotaract Club


·      Individual Projects to support

·      Polio Plus


The responsibilities of the club membership committee:

•  Develop committee goals to achieve club membership goals for the coming year.

•  Educate and train club members about the importance of recruitment and retention of members.

•  Conduct classification surveys to ensure that club members’ occupations and businesses reflect current business and community needs.

•  Develop a membership action plan to improve member satisfaction that involves surveying members and initiating changes in response to their feedback to ensure that the club remains relevant to its members.

•  Conduct club assessments to ensure that membership development and retention efforts are successful.

•  Work with the public relations committee to create a positive club image that is attractive to prospective and current members.

Club Membership Strategy Document

Club Mentorship Program

Public Relations  

The responsibilities of the club public relations committee,

•  Develop committee goals to achieve the club’s public relations goals for the coming year.

•  Become familiar with RI public relations resources.

•  Create awareness of club activities and projects among club members, media, and the community.

•  Understand the components of public relations that will help you promote Rotary to the community.

•  Know Rotary’s key messages and be able to use them when speaking in public.

•  Work with the club membership committee to support their recruitment efforts.

TV Auction 

·      Liaise with charities

·      Liaise with Roger’s TV and other media

·      Co-ordinate all activities with Captains

·      Lead Club members with item solicitation and auction participation


·      Annual Walk

·      Polio Plus

·      Benefactors Program / sponsor major gifts

·      Fundraising applications to R I & District 



1)   Greeters

2)   National Anthem

3)   Toast to Canada & the Queen

4)   Rotary Grace

5)   Sergeant-at-Arms – Happy Dollars

6)   Speaker Introduction

7)   Thank the Speaker

8)   50/50 Ticket Sale

9)   The Rotary Minute

10)   Rotary business