Posted by Peter Szoke on Oct 25, 2020
On Monday, we were honoured to have Luke Vorstermans speak at our meetingLuke, from the Rotary Club of Gibsons, BC, is the Founder Roll a Hippo Foundation, and Chair of the Hippo Roller Project.
Many girls and women around the world, particularly in poor countries, focus much of their lives on carrying water for their families, from rivers and wells to their family homes.  It is physically demanding, thankless work.  The hippo water roller addresses this problem.  It moves 90 liters of water by rolling it on the ground.  The hippo water roller can transport more water, more easily and in less time than carrying 20-liter buckets on the head.
The hippo water roller is empowering girls and women around the world.  Thank you Luke for sharing your vision.
More information can be found at