Posted by Nasir Azam
After missing a year for Covid, the 12th annual Richmond Hill School Tree Planting
was held on Thursday, October 28th in the Oak Ridges Moraine Park. 
Thank you to the elementary and high school students from Al Sadiq Islamic School who participated.    They spent a very successful and productive afternoon of learning and work in the fields beside the beautiful little forest area the call Catfish Pond woods in the Oak Ridges Moraine Corridor park - TRCA's and the Province of Ontario's conservation reserve.
It was wonderful weather for the planting of native trees, shrubs and plant species chosen by our forest leader, Stephen Smith of Urban Forest Associates and approved by TRCA.
It brings this area, once farm fields, closer to being a returning natural forest, like the areas beside it. This will help balance the human development in Richmond hill with the natural areas and wildlife which will benefit your young workers and their families in the future. And they can come and visit their work and see it mature as we hope.
Many thanks are in order.  First from TRCA, Vince and his helpers who made it possible to do this work.  Thank you to TD Friends of the Environment for their critical funding support.  Also thank you to the Richmond Hill Garden and Horticultural Society, and Russel Booker's Richmond Hill Urban Forestry truck that brought and dumped the load of wood chips for the job.  A very big thank you to Michael White, the coordinator and champion of this project over all 12 years!
We hope that our student volunteers’ small work of ecological restoration part of the whole world' s efforts to calm the global climate crisis, which is most important for our young people today and in the future.
As the Covid crisis is slowly being brought under control, we hope that more schools and more students will be able to participate in the tree planting next year.