International Projects

The Rotary Club of Richmond Hill is proud to support the following international intiatives.


Ukraine – Education for mentally and physically disable young people so they can perform jobs and make a living

Lebanon – hospital operating room equipment

Angola – Burundi ulcer vaccine/vaccinations

Mexico – education for deaf children so that they can become employable

Kenya – water wells and piping system to avoid 9k walk day carrying buckets for over one thousand people

Ghana – water and sanitation in poor area

Niger – sustainable farming project so people can feed themselves

Philippines – taking children off the streets and providing them with a basic education

India – cataract operations financing and an ambulance with operating equipment to restore sight to people in remote areas allowing them to earn a living and cease begging

India – housing project after floods destroyed existing accommodation

Panama – facility upgrades for care of malnourished infants

Laos – water filtration equipment for villages where populations had access to only contaminated water

Bangladesh – literacy learning system

Bangladesh – microfinance for women

Pakistan – literacy project

Pakistan – Polio eradication 

Guyana – dental care for remote areas

Uganda – several projects involving orange farming, medical equipment, education of expectant mothers

Guatemala – school facility and education in poverty area

Tanzania – sanitation project

Haiti – disaster relief shelter boxes

Zimbabwe – sustainable farming

Sri Lanka – water and Sanitation

Honduras – literacy program