Posted by Peter Szoke on Nov 09, 2020
For the twelfth consecutive year, the Richmond Hill Rotary Tree Planting was held at the Oak Ridges Moraine Park (off of Old Colony Road) this last Sunday.  For those of you who remember back, this park was just a meadow in the very beginning.  Now it’s an urban forest! 
In past years, the trees were planted by local Richmond Hill students.  This year, because of Covid, the schools are unable to participate, so Rotarians were out there with shovels planting the trees.
We would like to particularly thank the TD Friends of the Environment for the on-going and consistent financial support of the tree planting over the years.  We would never have been able to do it without you. 
Thank you also to Steve Smith of Urban Forest Associates  and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority for organizing, and providing the support and logistical infrastructure for this project.  Thank you also to Michael White who has been the champion of this project for many years.
Also a big thank you to our Rotarians, and our friends who came out and provided the elbow grease required to plant the trees.
Let us all work hard to help our community get Covid under control.  Hopefully, next year, school children will be returning to their role tree planters.
Many photos below of our volunteers.
Below, Steve providing a tree planting lesson
Dr. CP planting his first (of many) trees
Special thank you to Alex and Ben who came to join Rotarians and plant trees
David and Linda planting
Jason carrying 100 lbs of mulch
Paul planting a tree
David and Jill working together
And a special thank you to Mother Nature who provided us such spectacular weather for our event!